Christmas Order Cut-Off Dates

Poster, Canvas: 05 December 

T-shirt: 05 December

Jersey: 01 December

Quilt, Blanket: 25 November

Hoodie, Tshirt 3D: 01 December

This might be few day late because of spreading pandemic, we hope that you will understand and be patient!!!

About us

About us

The quest for Gasbeen is to create unique and sustainable products to contributing community, we see our business as a vehicle to make an impact and inspiration in daily life. The core value that we want to bring is the new design and above all, the satisfaction of the customers about the product.

Highest quality material

  • We choose Poly cotton as the main material for our products. With outstanding features compared to other fabrics such as lightweight, high strength, extremely elasticity as well as exceptionally longevity with the surrounding environment, we firmly believe that our products would bring a great experience to each customer and please even the most fastidious
  • Material: Poly Cotton - With two microfiber polyester fabric layers and a fluffy down alternative one in the middle.
  • Wash care: Machine Wash on gentle cycle with cold water, air dry recommended.

A time-honored process

Each of our products is the result of a time-honored handmade process. It takes us 3 – 5 days and goes through various stages to complete product. 

We are confident that our production speed is leading the marketing, and we’re applying the best technology to enhance our producing progress.

Good design

All products are designed by many professional and creative designers. We always try to study and develop to make the most beautiful, freshest products, always uphold the marketer’s needs of customers to the top that they like the most, in accordance with the preferences of each customer. Moreover, we focus on conveying, spreading, inspiring love, meaningful and humanity messages to everyone.


Our guarantee

We guarantee all the rights of customers when coming to our store. If there is any product with your product(s), please contact to us via our support, we’ll gladly work with you to find out the problem and solution by sending you a replacement.